Mental Health of the Athlete

A program also launched after the start of the large-scale invasion. It aims to help young talents restore psychological balance, find new ways to overcome difficulties, and focus on their goals to survive and win.

Applications are accepted from athletes aged 11-16 years old. The program takes place online and lasts for three months. This period involves group sessions and individual work with a psychologist. The head of the Athlete's Psychological Health program is Iryna Ivakina, a psychologist and psychotherapist experienced in working with young athletes who have been a key focus of the foundation’s mental health programs for several years.

The main goal of the athletes' work with a psychologist under this program is to gain psychological resilience, which means the ability to support themselves, emotional regulation, and positive thinking skills that help them pass tests without harming their mental and physical health.

The total number of program participants in 2023 is 60.